Given that I have said before that badly written drivers will cause stability issues, this is exactly what we see today. I have personally witnessed customers with hundreds of drivers on their Citrix servers and then they wonder why the print spooler keeps crashing. All it take is for one rouge driver to cause printing

Note that it would have to be the world’s dumbest electrician and you’d probably already be getting lots of jolts if it was wired that way. That way your case is not connected to the possibly miswired earth ground. If your house is properly wired then it’s better to leave the power cable plugged in

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Microsoft has a less than stellar track record with its biannual Windows 10 updates. Past updates seemed to be rushed to Windows users without being fully tested or vetted. The company even had to pause the rollout of its Windows 10 October 2018 update after it led to data loss on many PCs. Since that