Perform a text and voice search on your device and how to adjust search settings. Move contacts, messages, music, and other data to your new device using ATnT Mobile Transfer. App management Learn how to view, close, or remove apps on your device. You can turn Emergency Alert messages on or off on your phone. Presidential are always on and cannot be turned off. Page 86Apps Microsoft apps Enjoy these apps from Microsoft.

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Open The Air Command Menu Without Using The S Pen On Your Galaxy Note 3

Flash Alerts work on alert with flash light on incoming calls or text SMS. different cool flash modes alerts with simple UI and graphics. Flash Alerts application perfectly works at night when you don’t want to put your phone on ringing mode for incoming call and sms. Flash Notification 2 lets you set up custom notifications for incoming and missed calls, text messages, and third-party apps. It’s fully customizable, which means you can set flash frequency (1–20 flashes per second) for different notifications.

  • Full text notification pop-ups appear with quick action options in this app.
  • There are a couple of options available in this app which you can use to customize the flash notifications.
  • In case you cannot locate your phone, send an SMS with the text “flash on 30” .
  • You will receive a personal email with all the missed calls.
  • Using excessive force or a metallic object on the touch screen may damage the surface of the screen and the damage will not be covered by the warranty.
  • No further details are available for release at this time.

You will now be able to return back to your home screen and wait promptly for your first notification. When the notification goes off the camera LED will flash straight away, regularly, reminding you to check the device. The feature basically notifies you when events are happening on your phone such as a new SMS, WhatsApp message or even calls, all of which is done through the camera LED Flash. Your notifications are currently off and you won’t receive subscription updates. To turn them on, go to Notifications preferences on your Profile page.

Setting Up Flash Flash Alerts on Call Alerts The Right Way

Office Enjoy the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on your mobile device with the Microsoft Office mobile app. Page 78Apps Emergency calls You can dial the emergency telephone number in your region regardless of the phone’s service status. If your phone is not activated, you can only make an emergency call. From Phone, enter the emergency telephone number and tap Call. Page 74Apps Decline a call You can choose to decline an incoming call. If you are using an app, a pop-up screen is displayed for the incoming call.

LED flash notifications are a good way to receive calls in areas where you need to keep your phone on silent. Also, this feature is very important from an accessibility point of view as people with hearing impairments can use the call flash alerts and receive calls. This little Android notification trick can help locate your phone when it is in silent mode – the incoming call will trigger the flash notification and make your phone conspicuous.

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